How To Choose The Best DJ For Your Next Event

14 Tips On Choosing The Best Dj For a Wedding

-DJs who play music at weddings should have good knowledge of the songs they play. If you want to ensure that you get the right song played at your wedding, then you need to choose a DJ who knows what he/she is doing. You don't want to end up dancing to some random song you didn't even know was playing.
-A good DJ should be able to read the crowd and adapt their settings accordingly. If you are having a party where everyone is drinking alcohol, then you might not want to hear any slow songs. On the other hand, if you are having a family event, you may want to play some slower songs.
-A good DJ should have a wide variety of music. You don't want someone who only plays the same old songs repeatedly.

-A good DJ should also be able to mix different genres of music together. You don't want people dancing to country music while others listen to hip-hop.
-A good DJ should always keep the mood going. If you are having an intimate wedding,  you don't want to hear loud music. You want to hear soft background music that makes you feel relaxed.
-A good DJ should know how to work with the venue. If you are having your wedding at a restaurant or bar, you don't want them to turn off the lights and start blasting music. You want to enjoy the place's ambiance without being distracted by loud music.

-A good DJ should understand the importance of timing. You don't want your guests waiting for hours before the ceremony starts. You want to give them enough time to arrive and settle down.

-A good DJ should provide entertainment throughout the night. You don't want the guests just sitting around watching the DJ perform. You want them to dance and have fun.

-A good DJ should take requests. You don't want them to play the same song repeatedly. You want to be free to request whatever song you want.

-A good DJ should offer suggestions. You don't want him/her to just play whatever song on the radio. You want to be given options to pick the perfect song for your special day.

-A good DJ should never stop learning. You don't want a DJ who doesn't update his/her skills. You want to hire someone who keeps up with the latest trends in music.

-A good DJ should charge fair prices. You don't want anyone charging you hundreds of dollars for a few service hours. You want to pay a reasonable price for quality services.

-A good DJ should respect the privacy of the bride and groom. You don't want strangers walking around taking pictures of the couple. You want to be left alone to celebrate your special day.

-A good DJ should communicate well with the bridal party. You don't want awkward moments between the DJ and the bride and groom.